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Welcome to Dave Navarro is God!

Your resource for Dave information since 1997.

DNIG was initially created to fill the void in cyberspace as there was a lack of information on Dave online at the time. Since then, many sites have come and gone and DNIG itself goes through slow periods, but we continue to strive to do what it is that we initially set out to do: help fill the void. Some of our efforts have been abandoned due to the evolutionary trends of the internet such as a Dave web ring, a Dave newletter, and so forth. Some of our efforts were done without prior knowledge on how to do such a thing and the combination of amateur effort and technological evolution led to abandonment of such features such as a Dave Windows Theme, Dave Winamp Theme, and so forth. Some of our features have been abandoned due to faulty hosting and not wanting to disappoint our visitors such as a BBS (chat board). We try to fill the void. It's not always a success, but we try. You get the idea.

While DNIG requires a dictatorship stance to keep things running smoothly, we can't be everywhere at once and visitor submissions make DNIG the best it can be. We have always and continue to welcome any and all contributions. Sprinkled throughout the site is credit where credit is due. If credit is not given, it is simply because we are uninformed as to the source. Please forgive such omissions.

DNIG used to have a ridiculously long disclaimer. Why? It was part of our humor. Much of it was taken from large corporate websites with even longer disclaimers. Plus, we were trying to cover our asses just in case. The bottom line is, DNIG is meant as a resource on the career of Dave Navarro. We do not mean to step on toes. We are not responsible for data loss, virus/worm attacks, etc. Sometimes, there are computer problems. This has plagued DNIG but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Please don't try to kill us. Life is beautiful.

At the side and bottom of almost every page, you will find our contact email address. Please feel free to write any comments, questions, critiques, suggestions you may have.