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Section 1: Childhood, Relatives, and Other Q's

  1. What is Navarro's full name?
    David Michael Navarro

  2. When and where was Navarro born?
    June 7, 1967 in Santa Monica, California at 12:31pm.

  3. What are Navarro's parents' names?
    father = James Raul Navarro
    mother = Constance Colleen Hopkins

  4. Navarro's father is James Raul? But I heard his name is Michael!
    Navarro's father's nickname is Mike. As a child James was artistic and painted, causing his family to give him the nickname of "Little Michaelangelo." To this day he is known by "Mike."

  5. Are Navarro's parents still together? I think I read somewhere that they were not.
    Navarro's parents divorced when he was 7 years old. After that, Navarro lived with his mother in Bel Air.

  6. I heard Navarro's mother has passed away. Is this true?
    Yes, it is. She was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in March 1983. Navarro was 15 at the time. After that Navarro went to live with his father.
  7. "See, I lost my mom when I was 15--she was murdered. The guy who killed her, her ex-boyfriend, had been on the loose for like ten years, but they finally caught him, so we just had the trial. He killed my aunt at the same time. I'd have to see him in court, and let me tell you, it was fucking heavy. There was no concrete evidence, but I could to testify to a lot of stuff that had happened earlier, so I was the only witness. I hadn't seen him for like 12 years, but he'd lived with us for five years before the murder. He was sentenced to death. It's weird--I go back and forth about how I feel about it. I spent all these years wanting him to die. Now I question how I feel about it. The way I look at the death penalty thing is that I don't have to feel any way about it, because he did what he did and was judged that way, and not by me. He made his own destiny, and I'm not personally saying, 'Kill him,' and I'm not pulling the switch. It was rough when my mom was killed, and her death was a major contributing factor to my drug problems. I went to therapy for a long, long time, and then to anonymous group meetings, and I'm okay with it now. It was a long time ago, and the court thing was a nice closure to something that had always been hanging over me."
    - Guitar Player, April 1995

  8. I have read conflicting articles that Navarro was a witness to his mother's death. Can you verify which is correct?
    I can verify that this is not true. He did not witness his mother's death. He was, however, a witness at the trial of the murderer, who was sentenced to receive capital punishment in September 1996.
  9. His mother and aunt were murdered when he was 15 and recently, those wounds were reopened when one prominent US magazine reported that he had actually witnessed the horrific event.
    "That was misprinted," he explained. "I was a little upset about that. She was murdered, however I didn't see it."
    - Beat, May 1, 1996 [note that the "aunt" was his mother's friend, not a blood relative]

  10. What ethnicity is Navarro? His name sounds Hispanic.
    Navarro's grandfather, Gabriel Navarro, immigrated from Mexico. Navarro's mother was Caucasian.

  11. Does Navarro speak Spanish?
    No, he does not. He is the only Navarro unable to speak Spanish. As he once put it in an interview:
    "I grew up in Bel Air with a blonde, blue-eyed, Anglo-Saxon mother. Not a lot of Spanish goin' on there. I can basically get by in Mexican restaurants."
    - Bikini, #26, November 1997

  12. There is an actor from the silent era named Ramon Novarro. Any relation?
    Good observation, but he is not a blood relative. Novarro (real name José Ramon Gil Samiegos) was a good friend of Gabriel Navarro, David's grandfather. He liked the name "Navarro" so much that in homage to his friend he borrowed the name of "Navarro" for his stage name, but according to Hollywood legend, a secretary made a typo, leaving him with "Novarro".

  13. I have seen photographs of Navarro's mother and there is a vague familiarity about her. Was she ever famous?
    Hopkins was never a big time celebrity, but she was a model and made several appearances on the television show Let's Make A Deal and in Doris Day movies. (Don't look for a blonde as Day did not allow another blonde on the set.)

  14. Is Navarro an only child? Did his parents ever have any other children?
    Navarro grew up an only child. Around October 1994, his father had a son named Gabriel James Navarro. You can hear baby Gabe crying on the Red Hot Chili Peppers' album One Hot Minute on the song "One Big Mob." His father had another son around late 1999.

  15. There is a band called "Lowen and Navarro." Is the member of that band, Dan Navarro, related to David Navarro?
    Dan is David's cousin. Dan is famous as "cousin Dan" who taught David a few chords when he first began to learn guitar.

  16. Did Navarro ever have braces on his teeth?

  17. When did Navarro learn guitar? Did he ever play anything else?
    Navarro began to learn guitar at age 11 or 12 when his father bought him an acoustic at a garage sale. Previously he had taken piano lessons (starting at age 6 or 7) for a few years but never really took to it. You may recall in Jane's Addiction Navarro playing instruments other than the guitar. In the mid-90s, Navarro took piano lessons once more. With his solo record, he has also added bassist and vocalist under his musical belt. He also owned a drum set and it would be interesting to see how he does behind a kit and not just the "Chip Away" routine, (which, by the way, was a piece he and Perkins would practice when they were in marching band together in high school).

  18. What inspired Navarro to play guitar?
    The story is becoming a legend. When Navarro was about 12 years old he was in a skateboard park and heard what he thinks was either Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile" or "Purple Haze" on the PA system. He didn't know that Hendrix was playing the same instrument he was learning. All he knew is he loved what he heard and wanted to create the same sound. It was at that moment that he decided he wanted to become a rock guy.

  19. Who are Navarro's musical influences?
    His earliest influences cited were classic rock legends such as Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Cream. Later it leaned toward more contemporary guitar legends as Van Halen and Malmsteen. For a very brief period he listened to metal (Iron Maiden and Kiss) and punk to develop speed in his playing. Then he began to acquire a taste for the darker and less technical sounds of Bauhaus (and of course Love And Rockets), The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Velvet Underground, Cocteau Twins, and so forth. It is the combination of the influences of Daniel Ash, Robert Smith, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, et cetera that has shaped Navarro's unique style of classic rock riffs and effected moodiness. In more recent years, he has been known to listen to such varied artists as Massive Attack, Radiohead, and DMX. He is also a big fan of Nine Inch Nails.

  20. Does Dave play anything besides guitar?
    Yes, he also plays piano, bass, a bit of drums, sings, and has played other instruments when making guest appearances on other artists' albums.

  21. Does Dave do anything else artistic?
    Yes, he used to paint and make ready-made/found-item type sculptures.

  22. I heard that Navarro reviews movies with his brother Johnny.
    Yes and no. For awhile in the 1990s, he and Johnny reviewed movies in a column entitled "Movies & Crap" in Bikini magazine. In the reviews the Navarros often called themselves "brothers" when they are actually cousins. Incidentally, Johnny is Dan's brother. (See how this all ties in?)

  23. How did Navarro and his cousin Johnny Navarro get jobs as film reviewers for Bikini magazine?
    The Navarros have a friend who works for the magazine and simply asked him for a job. It wasn't meant to be a serious inquiry or to write about anything in a serious manner, but they got the job as film reviewers and often wrote about films they've never seen. It can be quite a humorous read. Incidentally, they've also written other pieces for Bikini, including an interview with Salma Hayek.

  24. But I saw in one issue of Bikini a photo of "Dave, Johnny, and sister Lenni"! Is Lenni Dave's sister?
    No, she is Johnny's sister.

  25. Is the jewelry-maker Lenni Navarro related to Dave Navarro?
    Yes, see above.

  26. What high school did Navarro graduate from?
    Navarro did not, as he was kicked out (due to long hair, bad grades, and drugs) of the private (funded by tuition fees paid by students) Catholic high school he attended in Sherman Oaks called Notre Dame when he was in 11th grade. The next year, (his senior year which is the final year for those unfamiliar with the cogs of the American education system), he enrolled in public (funded by government taxes) school but rarely attended. If Navarro had graduated with his classmates then he would have been the class of 1985. Instead, he pursued musical interests as well as some other things, like getting a G.E.D. (equivalent of a high school diploma).

  27. Besides the obvious bands Navarro has been in, what else has he contributed to?
    I maintain a record of Navarro's works which can be found in the Discography section. He has contributed to Porno For Pyros, Donovan, Sun 60, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Jamiroquai, Traci Lords, Guns 'N' Roses, Janet Jackson, and even Alanis Morissette, to name a few. Samples of his guest appearances and remixes can be found in the Downloads section.

  28. What tattoo does Navarro have ___ ?
    I maintain a record of Navarro's body modifications (along with pictures for reference) in the Tattoos section.

  29. Why does Navarro have "I Am God" tattooed on him? How conceited!
    Actually, Navarro does not have such a tattoo. He does have "Trust No One" tattooed on his hip. I touched up a photo of Navarro's hip, replacing "Trust No One" with "I Am God", and put it in the Frames version of this web site, (that version has since been deleted). Later I manipulated the graphic into what became the image on the main page of the No Frames/Regular version of this web site, (that version has been reworked).

  30. Does Navarro have his ears pierced?
    Yes, one hole on each side with body piercing jewelry. Since 2002, on both sides there is one more hole just above that with regular earrings, though they are very, dare I say it, bling bling. (Note: he did have more during the original days of Jane's Addiction.)

  31. Does Navarro have a nipple ring?
    Dave: "I have two of them."
    Fan: "I saw it!"
    Dave: "Oh yeah? You're not the only one sweetie!"
    (Listen to an audio clip of this conversation.)

    Navarro removed the nipple rings in 1999 put them back in 2000.

  32. What's the deal with Navarro's wife/wives? I'm so confused. Please help.
    Around 1990, Navarro was married in a pagan hand-fasting ceremony. In this ritual, they cut open the palms of the two getting married. The palms are put together and the blood becomes one. Navarro and his wife at the time got the same tattoo on their palms. It is a marriage symbol. It can be see on his right palm and for awhile it was on his Nothing's Shocking Ibanez guitar.

    In late 1994 Navarro married again, but this time through legal means at a quickie in Las Vegas. The relationship was as short as the ceremony, however this parting was a painful one. Navarro dealt with it in an unreleased CD entitled Rhimorse and in his solo album, Trust No One.

    Navarro married again in 2003 in a wedding proper to Carmen Electra.

  33. I heard Navarro is really short. Do you know how tall he is?
    I haven't seen Navarro in a police line up, or a photo of him walking through the doors of 7-11, but he did walk right past me at a Relapse concert and 5'7" (170cm) is my guess. From the horse's mouth, Navarro is 5'9" and his years of poor posture made him appear shorter.

  34. Is Navarro's hair naturally black or does he color it?
    Navarro's hair is naturally brown. He dyes it (goatee included) black. Sometimes he gets a bit lazy about coloring the goatee and it is more often by looking at his goatee rather than his roots that you can see the true color.

  35. I heard Navarro has a coffin. Does he sleep in it?
    No, he has a bed for sleeping. He had a coffin for years and it was in the place where most people would put a coffee table but then he actually got a coffee table.

  36. I heard Navarro has an excution photo blown up on his walls at home. Why would anyone do that?
    This is true, he had this image as custom wallpaper in his home as a bachelor but it is not as sinister as you may think. One of Navarro's favorite filmmakers is Woody Allen. He particularly likes Stardust Memories and there is a scene in that film where the Pulitzer Prize winning photo from the Vietnam War era of General Nguyen Ngoc Loan holding a gun to a prisoner's temple is blown up to cover an entire wall. In a bit of a morbid homage, Navarro had custom wallpaper made of the same photo.

    The photograph still causes strong memories and emotional sparks on the viewer but here is some background on the photo: at the time of the photograph, Loan was the national police chief and chief of police in Saigon. Loan demonstrated his military skills as a pilot, chief of staff to the commander of the South Vietnamese Air Force, and as a leader in special ground combat assignments. The Viet Cong captain shot by Loan was in civilian clothes and had been captured in the act of murdering a police sergeant, his wife, and three children. The Geneva Conventions deny the protections of prisoner-of-war status to spies, mercenaries and guerrillas who do not distinguish themselves from civilians.

  37. Why did Navarro cut off his dreads? I liked him better with them.
    Everyone is entitled to alter their appearance, but if you want to actually discuss this: the metamorphosis. Deconstruction was about leaving Jane's Addiction. Avery and Navarro had kicked their drug habits and wanted to experience good health for a change. (Not only had they been physically ill from their dependency but Navarro has described himself at the end of Jane's Addiction as "spiritually dead.") You may notice Navarro also began to take care of his physical self through diet and exercise. There seems to be a good number of individuals who come out of rehab a changed person. Navarro was one of them. True, it took time, but he really wanted it. Shaving off the dreads was probably just another step of renewing and cleansing himself. (Haven't you ever felt like a different person after a haircut? Lenny Kravitz also removed the burden of years by cutting of his dreads.) It's easy to see how he could later become a member of a band known for renewing and cleansing themselves of their drug habits despite their difference in musical stylings.

  38. Navarro's nose sometimes looks big, a little messed up...
    Alright, we've strayed quite a bit from the music here, but if you really want to know, once when Jane's Addiction was touring on the East Coast, his nose was broken in a fight.

  39. What does Navarro's autograph look like?
    Examples are available in the Pictures section.

  40. What sort of Navarro merchandise is out there?
    Well there are plenty of bootlegged merchandise such as posters and t-shirts of the bands that Navarro has been in. If you are specifically interested in images of Navarro on posters and t-shirts, then there have been several items available throughout the years.

Section 2: Jane's Addiction, Deconstruction, and Relapsing

  1. When did Navarro join Jane's Addiction?
    Very early 1986. (So early that Navarro often has trouble recalling whether it was 1985 or 1986.) Incidentally his first gig with Jane's was on March 21, 1986.

  2. Was Navarro Jane's Addiction first guitarist?
    No, he replaced someone who was a bit of a flake. There had been several Jane's Addiction guitarists, (the departed Chris Brinkman to name one, a longtime friend of Avery's).

  3. How did Jane's Addiction form?
    There are a few incredibly detailed biographies on Jane's Addiction on the web but I will do a brief outline.
    • Navarro went to John Thomas Dye elementary school with (Jane's bassist) Eric Avery.
    • While in junior high at St. Paul the Apostle School, Navarro dated Avery's sister, Rebecca. Later Navarro introduced Rebecca to (Jane's drummer) Stephen Perkins. (Navarro's friend whom he had met in marching band at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks).
    • Navarro and Perkins formed a hard rock band called Dizastre when they were in 11th grade. They played at Los Angeles clubs such as the Troubadour and spent their earnings on beer. (One of the other members, Rico Quevedo, is now in Bionica.)
    • According to legend, Avery hooked up with (Jane's vocalist) Perry Farrell through mutual friend "Jane". According to Avery, he met Farrell through Carla Bozulich (of Ethyl Meatplow), but she also knew "Jane". Avery helped Farrell in the last days of Farrell's band Psi Com, whose other members had left the group. Quickly they searched for a new name and came upon Jane's Addiction. They played a few shows. (Perkins and Navarro in attendance, naturally.)
    • Jane's was then in need of a drummer. Avery's sister insisted to him that he give her excellent drummer boyfriend Perkins a try. Perkins landed the spot.
    • Jane's was then in need of a guitarist. Perkins insisted on his excellent guitarist friend Navarro. Perkins picked up Navarro at his apartment and they jammed at Farrell's. Navarro recalls jamming on "Mountain Song."
    • The rest is history.

  4. Did Navarro really kiss men while in Jane's Addiction? Is he bisexual or what?
    Have you ever seen Soul Kiss? or the "Mountain Song" video? (Scream version) In it you can find the members (Navarro included) enjoying a "soul kiss" with one another.

    As far as his sexuality is concerned, Navarro enjoys making others feel uncomfortable so that they question why is it they are uncomfortable. Roots of this can be traced to Jane's Addiction, a band who was definitely comfortable when others were not. This is a band whose lead singer dressed in his girlfriend's lingerie, members would kiss each other, would perform naked when it was too hot for clothes, were open about their drug habits, and whose major debut album was entitled Nothing's Shocking, (in case you couldn't tell by their behavior). Navarro once said he would become bisexual if it meant an opportunity to sleep with a woman. (If you don't see the humor in that line, then it's not even worth trying.)

  5. Speaking of Soul Kiss, why did Navarro hit his eel. That isn't a "trick," that's plain cruel.
    No eels were harmed in the making of Soul Kiss. If you look at the credits, one of them is for "stunt eel." Yes, the eel was fake. (Soapstone if I can remember correctly.)

  6. Don't skip the subject, is Navarro bisexual or gay? When he was in the Red Hot Chili Peppers he said that he was into a "sexually alternate lifestyle".
    He was into stuff like S&M at the time, that is all.

  7. I heard Jane's Addiction was a pretty crazy band and that Navarro took a lot of drugs. How much of that is true?
    Maybe I'm a freak but Jane's Addiction weren't that crazy. (I never knew them to perform with fresh pig heads on sticks or live body piercings and S&M sessions on stage like a few bands I can name but...) Substance abuse was definitely a problem for Navarro and the other members of Jane's Addiction. For Navarro, his substance dependency began before the band. They helped him cope with the depression of his mother's death and not liking school. You know, the usual teenage/young adult misery.

  8. What's with Navarro and hats? Looking back at photos of him in Jane's Addiction, he was always burrying himself in hats and sunglasses.
    I think hiding his face was part of hiding his addiction (not only to the public, but to himself. For a long time he did not consider himself an addict). "Don't look at me, I don't like to look at myself," if you will. He also has issues with his hair and will often hide it under a hat for various reasons.

  9. Why did Jane's Addiction break up?
    Jane's Addiction parted ways for several reasons in 1991. Their final split of what some hardcore fans consider the 'original' members was not their first. Things had been shakey ever since things got serious as far as signing to a major label is concerned. Camps within the band were formed as you can tell by the immediate projects by the alumni after the split. Farrell and Perkins formed Porno For Pyros while Avery and Navarro formed Deconstruction. When Jane's Addiction broke up again in 2004, camps were formed once again. The group sans Perry became The Panic Channel with Steve Isaacs (ex-Skycycle).

  10. I saw Jane's Addiction at the Palladium at the end of 1990. (You might know this show from "The Gift".) I was wondering if you knew the name of the opening band. They were great. I think they were from Mexico.
    They are a fairly known band from Mexico and their name is Maldita Vecindad y Los Hijos del 5o Patio. In 1999, Perry Farrell described them in a Spin magazine article as being to Mexico City what Jane's Addiction was to Los Angeles. Exactly what he meant by that I do not know. However, I will state that I am an avid listener of both bands and their overall styles cannot be pinned into the same category.

  11. What did Deconstruction release? I can't seem to find anything at my local stores.
    They released one album: Deconstruction (out of print but still available at finer retailers).
    They released one video: "L.A. Song" (harder to find but copies are floating around and shouldn't be impossible to trade for; also see the Downloads section).
    They did not release any singles, however there is an extremely rare promo copy of "L.A. Song" if you can find it.

  12. Porno For Pyros lasted for two albums. Why did Deconstruction deconstruct so quickly?
    Deconstruction was never meant to be a lifelong project, merely a means to detoxify Avery and Navarro from the Jane's Addiction experience--a finalization of the splitting, a good-bye as musicians. They got the last of Jane's out of their blood with one album and parted musical ways. However, the album was not released until 1994, a bit awkward considering Navarro was a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the time of its release. Also, a very unknown band had already secured the rights to the name "Deconstruction".

  13. I love Jane's Addiction. Why was the Relapse so short? By the time I heard about it, it was over. Can we expect another?
    Another Relapse does not seem likely, but when Jane's Addiction broke up in 1991 few could forsee the Relapse of 1997. Even in 1996 Navarro laughed at the idea of a Jane's Reunion, as much as he would have liked to take part in one. Basically the Relapse was an extension of musicians enjoying working together by allowing the public to share in their excitement. After a few "mini reunions" of Navarro and Flea working with Porno For Pyros, they decided to go all the way and become Jane's Addiction once more, (as you recall, Flea replacing Avery). The idea was to record some songs and do a few shows--something small for one month. Due to big business involvement and the media, it was stretched into several months. After recording the 2 tracks for Kettle Whistle, the members have reflected that if they had just a bit more time, they could've nailed the songs to be spectacular on the album. In other words, after they had recorded it they realized how it should have been done.

    There was a 3/4 Relapse reunion for Drum Day LA on December 4, 1999 when Navarro, Perkins, and Flea played some Jane's Addiction songs instrumental at the House of Blues.

    There was a second relapse/reunion in 2001 with Martyn Le Noble (Porno For Pyros) on bass. They performed on April 26 at Santa Barbara and on April 28 at the Coachella Festival in Indio, California. Then in October-November, they did the Jubilee tour across America. They played large festivals in Europe and Asia in 2002. When it came time to record the album Strays (2003), Le Noble was replaced by Chris Chaney. The band revived Lollapalooza in 2003 and were the headliners. Shortly thereafter, they broke up again but didn't announce it until 2004.

Section 3: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Spread, and Solo

  1. When did Navarro become a Pepper? When did Navarro leave Pepperdom?
    Navarro Pepper was born officially on September 5, 1993 and ended on April 3, 1998. However, spiritually he had left long before. In 1992, the Peppers had seeked him as a member to help them cope with the loss of Frusciante and their upcoming Lollapalooza tour. Navarro denied on account of Deconstruction commitments and not wanting to do another Lollapalooza. Navarro's first major Pepper gig was the second coming of Woodstock in August 1994 and last gig was another 2 day festival ruined by weather, the Fuji Rock Festival in July 1997.

  2. Why did Navarro become a Pepper? He seems like one of the least likely to join a funk band.
    With the last album the Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded before Navarro joined, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, they began to search new territory and expand their musical horizaons beyond what the Peppers were mainly known for, funk. When the Peppers began to look for another guitarist, they decided they wanted someone who definitely had their own sound and Navarro was also someone who could help them to continue to expand their musical territory. They thought Navarro was one of those who, no matter what he plays on, sounds like himself and no other. This is why they had their eye on him. Navarro said yes because the timing was right in 1993, not when they had previously asked him in 1992 as he wanted to be part of a creative process and not just play someone else's songs.

    Navarro has described One Hot Minute as a documentation of four musicians learning how to play together. I believe if one were to listen to this album without pre-conceived notions of "this is a Navarro record" or "this is a Red Hot Chili Peppers record," then one could really begin to enjoy and appreciate the album. I think it is one of those that you listen to in solitude, turn on a bit louder than most and become engulfed by the textures. Like many other artworks, if you place any expectations on it, you may find it leaves a bitter after-taste.

  3. Why did Navarro leave the Peppers?
    Kiedis fired Navarro via Flea in 1998, however Navarro was going to leave anyway to focus on Spread, (a side project which metamorphosized into his solo debut). As Navarro once said on television:
    "I don't do kooky faces. That's pretty much the reason why I'm not in the Chili Peppers anymore."
    - MTV news segment when Kurt Loder visited Navarro at home

  4. Whose idea was it to do "the kiss" in the "Warped" video?
    It was Navarro's idea. He felt it was no big deal and a homage to his old band (think Soul Kiss), especially since he plays a chord from "Three Days" at the end of "Warped."

  5. What was it like kissing Anthony?
    Dave: "It was really weird man, you know what I'm saying?"
    Chad: "I think he liked it more than you did."
    Dave: "He kind of darted his tongue in my mouth..."
    Chad: "He slipped the tongue in..."
    Dave: "Ya know, I was doing it for show and he got a little carried away."
    (Listen to an audio clip of this conversation.)

  6. What the fuck is Honeymoon Stitch?
    Something that ladies don't like....When Navarro and Smith would do projects to keep them busy during the Red Hot Chili Peppers down time, they sometimes used the name "Honeymoon Stitch". Along with Navarro's friend Michael Angelos of Plexi, they recorded "Day of the Lords" for A Means to an End, a Joy Division tribute album. Honeymoon Stitch, with the help of Flea, remixed Traci Lord's "Fallen Angel".

  7. I heard that Navarro recorded a CD that has never been released. Can you tell me more about it?
    Yes, it is an EP entitled Rhimorse, comprised of 5 songs of done monstly on acoustic guitar. It was basically Navarro spending a week in his home in 1995 writing and recording songs to flush out his feelings on his then recent divorce. Aimee Echo (ex-Human Waste Project) performed some vocals on it. Navarro had originally intended to take the pressed copies to local music stores to be given for free to customers. However, he later changed his mind as he thought some of the things expressed inside might be hurtful to his ex-wife. Pieces of it have been released/reworked on Navarro's solo debut album, Trust No One and subsequent singles ("Sunny Day", "Very Little Daylight", "Somebody Else").

  8. What is this Spread thing I keep hearing about?
    Navarro's solo record started as a side project with Chad Smith to keep busy in 1997 and was called Swallow. They renamed it to Spread. Smith of course handled the percussion end and a few other things while Navarro handled the bulk of the matter by playing guitars and bass and even performing the vocals (not to mention a couple notes on the piano). They recorded an album and turned it in to Warner Bros. for release. After the tour, it was decided that the music recorded needed additional work. Navarro and Smith re-recorded in early 1998. Smith soon left to pursue the Peppers full-time and Navarro left the Peppers to pursue Spread full-time. Frustrated by lack of label suport, Navarro created and put audio/video footage online. Again Navarro decided the recordings weren't what he was aiming for. He changed labels to Sony Music Entertainment under the Work Group, created a company called Spread Entertainment, Incorporated, and re-re-recorded. Sony laid off many workers and the Work Group folded. Navarro's manager became the head of Capitol Records and took Navarro with him. Navarro's solo album, Trust No One, was finally released through Capitol Records on June 19, 2001.

  9. Did Navarro tour for his solo record?
    Navarro did a short solo tour of the eastern side of the USA in support of Trust No One in August-September 2001.

Section 4: Camp Freddy and The Panic Channel

  1. I heard that when Jane's Addiction broke up and the members made a new band without Perry.
    This new band was formed in 2004 and is called The Panic Channel. The singer/guitarist is Steve Isaacs. They have played a few local shows in Los Angeles and are currently recording their debut album.

  2. Isn't The Panic Channel just Jane's Addiction with a different singer?
    The Panic Channel is not Jane's Addiction with a different singer. This is a completely different band. It just so happens that some of the members used to be in Jane's Addiction.

  3. I heard Navarro is in another band--not The Panic Channel.
    Navarro has been involved with Camp Freddy since 2002. They are a rock star cover band that performs mostly in Los Angeles, occasionally in Las Vegas and New York City. They often perform at private corporate events such as release parties.

Section 5: Other Artistic Endeavors

  1. What the fuck is Brain Taco?
    A group of musicians in Los Angeles used to jam punk stuff under the name of Brain Taco. The members were comprised of two groups: the main members and then the other members would rotate from within their circle of musician friends. The main members were Keith Morris and Zander Schloss (who also appeared in the film Floundering as "catatonic man") from the Circle Jerks and Navarro and Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The occasional members included Norwood Fisher from Fishbone, Mike Martt (who plays in other bands with Schloss, Thelonius Monster and the Low and Sweet Orchestra), Perkins and Le Nobel from Porno For Pyros (Le Nobel was also in Thelonius Monster), and J. Yuenger from White Zombie. They played some benefit gigs and I think were supposed to contribute a track to a compilation put out by the Surf Rider's Foundation but I don't know what ever became of that.

  2. What the fuck is Ruined Eye?
    Ruined Eye is very close to Brain Taco. Again, Keith Morris on vocals, Navarro on guitar, J. Yuenger on another guitar, Sean Ysuelt (another member of White Zombie) on bass, and Greg Rogers on drums. They covered "Land of Treason" for the Germs tribute album, A Small Circle of Friends.

  3. How did Navarro appear on:
    • Porno For Pyros' "Freeway" & "Hard Charger"? Wasn't there bad blood between Navarro and Perry Farrell?
      Whatever negativity there was between the two climaxed during the last days of Jane's Addiction with fights both on- and off- stage. The period since Jane's Addiction's break-up has been one of Navarro having friendly relationships with Farrell, Perkins, and Avery. (Though the same can't be said for each member.) When the time came for Porno For Pyros to record their second album (Good God's Urge) on which "Freeway" appears, they simply called Navarro and asked if he would play. (You might recall Perkins appearing on the Red Hot Chili Peppers' One Hot Minute.) This friendliness then carried onto recording "Hard Charger", and eventually developed into the well received Jane's Addiction Relapse.
    • Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know"?
      Navarro's studio friend (Dave Schiffman) was working on it and asked him if he wouldn't mind coming down to the studio to record a little guitar. Navarro never met Morissette. (This studio friend asking Navarro to play on a track or two is often how he makes guest appearances.)
    • Nine Inch Nail's "Hey Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)"?
      Basically the same deal as with Morissette, except this track was engineered by Dave Schiffman and produced with Navarro's studio friend Rick Rubin (producer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' One Hot Minute, et cetera).
    • all those songs on Donovan's Sutras album?
      It was engineered and mixed by David Schiffman. Rick Rubin is also thanked in the credits. Can you make a connection?
    • Guns 'N' Roses' "Oh My God"?
      Navarro had been asked to become a member of Guns 'N' Roses after Jane's Addiction disbanded so when Axl called again to play on the song, he said yes.
    • Godspeed's "Lola"?
      Leif Garrett and Navarro share, let's say, hobbies. Or they used to. One thing leads to another and one moment you're hanging curtains, the next moment you're recording tunes.
    • P. Diddy's "Bad Boy 4 Life" video?
      Another case of ask and ye shall receive.
    • Moby's "We Are All Full of Stars" video?
      Maybe it has something to do with Navarro being a star.
    • Christina Aguilera's "Fighter"?
      Aguilera has expressed her fondness of Navarro and desire to work with him and it eventually happened.
    • Michelle Branch's "Are You Happy Now?"?
      Jane's Addiction and Branch were recording at the same studio (during the Strays recordings) so somebody walked over and asked Navarro to play some guitar on Branch's songs.
    • Mariah Carey's "Bringin' on the Heartache" video?
      It was actually community service for a crime, just kidding. While Jane's Addiction were recording Strays, Mariah Carey was next door recording. The bassist asked Navarro to contribute to the cover and then he later appeared in the music video.

  4. Navarro is a sellout for playing with ___ !
    That is your opinion. Navarro has talked about his musical outings many times and is best summarized with this quote:
    "I'll play music with anybody, I see it as an opportunity to expand."
    - InPress, May 1, 1996

  5. How did Navarro get the job of remixing Janet Jackson's "What'll I Do"? How did Navarro and Chad Smith get the job of remixing Traci Lords' "Fallen Angel" and Jamiroquai's "Alright"?
    Quite simply, they were asked to remix them. Again, no big Hollywood story to tell.

  6. How did Smith and Navarro end up writing the soundtrack to the short film Ugly Meets the People?
    It's creator, Robert Sobul, is a friend of Navarro. Bits of the soundtrack have reportedly made their way in some incarnation on Trust No One.

  7. Has Navarro appeared in any films? I heard he's been in a few.
    Navarro has only made two appearances in a major motion picture. The first was in Floundering (1994). His role was that of "drug kid" whose part is quite small and continually asks the protagonist, "You got a dose?". A fun piece to watch as you see Navarro about to loose his concentration and seriousness of acting and break out into full smile. The second film role Navarro played was a very challenging role of "rock star" in Uptown Girls. Other possibilites for film appearances of Navarro is a creation of Perry Farrell and ex-girlfriend Casey Niccoli. It features footage of Jane's Addiction live on stage and in the studio. It is entitled The Gift and is often found in the music video section of stores under Jane's Addiction.

  8. How did Navarro get the part in the movie Floundering?
    Navarro is friends with Nicole Panter (ex-manager of The Germs) who is friends with the people who made Floundering. She suggested Navarro look into acting and the part just came to him. Also take note that there are many cameos in the film, such as Zander Schloss from the Circle Jerks as "catatonic man". Panter also was in the film The Decline of Western Civilization which featured many bands, including, you guessed it, the Circle Jerks.

  9. Has Navarro ever made any television appearances as an actor?
    Navarro has made a guest appearance on the CBS show Martial Law. Navarro appeared on the show because he has an interest in martial arts and working with Sammo Hung, one of the stars, was an honor (as Hung has worked with the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan).

    Though perhaps not considered acting, Navarro has also performed on television with his bandmates (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Camp Freddy) and as the house band in a club on the television show Charmed as part of the promotion for Trust No One. He has also made appearances on VH1 when they show clips of celebrities commenting on whatever the tv show special is about. Navarro was also the co-host of the tv show Rockstar: INXS.

  10. Has Navarro ever appeared in commercials or advertisements?
    Yes, he has endorsed guitar products and appeared in ads for Paul Reed Smith Guitars (they produce his signature electric model), Yamaha Guitars (they produce his signature acoustic model), Parker Fly Guitars, and Boss effect pedals. He also was one of the musicians that appeared in the 1997 Gap holiday commercials in the USA. He wore Gap jeans (but one could not really tell he was wearing them) and did not speak, merely played "Jingle Bells" on the guitar and the Gap jingle. I do not recall any of the artists that appeared in the series that year were credited in the commercial so you would have to be familiar with pop/rock musicians to know.

  11. I thought I saw pictures of Navarro on a runway. What's up with that?
    Navarro is friends with designer Anna Sui and he once modeled on a runway for her. By the way, he wasn't the only musician modeling that day. James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins also modeled. Sui once commented about this as she simply asked her musician friends to model for her and to her surprise they did.

Section 6: Rumors, Rumors, Rumors!

  1. Wasn't Navarro once a member of Metallica?
    No, Navarro was never a member of Metallica. It is possible you may be confusing him for another Dave. Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) was in Metallica when they played the Los Angeles club circuit before he was kicked out of the band.

  2. Wasn't Navarro once a member of Guns 'N' Roses?
    No, Navarro was never a member of Guns 'N' Roses. However, he was offered the job before he joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In 1999, he guest performed on the Guns 'N' Roses track "Oh My God" from the End of Days soundtrack.

  3. Did David Navarro help write some songs for the Bangles?
    No, you are thinking of his cousin Dan Navarro.

  4. Did David Navarro help write some songs for the Triplets?
    No, again that was Dan Navarro, not Dave Navarro.

  5. In a film from 1994 called Sexual Intent, the role of "Kidnapper #3" is credited to a David M. Navarro. In the movie the kidnappers are indecipherable because they are completely covered by their clothing. Is this our guitarist David M. Navarro?
    Unfortunately, this is not our David M. Navarro of Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chili Pepper fame. It is merely a coincidence that the credited actor shares the same name.

  6. Did Navarro tell Fiona Apple "I love you" in his own blood?
    No, he did not tell her "I love you." What you are referring to is an incident that occurred at the Los Angeles radio station KROQ 106.7FM's "Almost Acoustic Xmas" show on December 5, 1997. There were several artists on the line up, Jane's Relapse and Fiona Apple were two of them. It is known that Navarro is fond of Apple and he arrived early to the venue and left a message for her on her dressing room wall: "Fiona, have fun. Love DN." True, he did not write it with a pen, but with his own blood extracted from a syringe. This incident exploded into a huge "Did you hear what Dave did!?" grapevine and Navarro was surprised to see such a fuss. Looking back one can laugh at that; and the fact that the clean up crew came in protective gear as if they came to remove corpses from the plague.

  7. Did Navarro and Marilyn Manson really have a *relationship*?
    Relationship? They are friends, if that's what you mean. But, you are probably thinking of that ordeal the year when Manson's autobiography was released and he claimed that Navarro offered him a blowjob. At the time, their friendship was on ice (due to an arguement over something else silly and unrelated) and it turned into a media bitch war with each claiming the other tried to seduce the other. This was actually quite funny because so many took it seriously. Few could recall back to when Navarro once said of his friendship with Manson that they would like to get a rumor started that they were "gay lovers" and see how far it would go. Also, these two are known for enjoying other's discomfort and I'm sure they loved all the attention they received during this incident. I can hear the laughter.

  8. I heard Navarro played with Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem?
    No. Tommy Lee and Navarro talked of it, but nothing came into fruition. Perkins did tour with them, though. A few years later Navarro did make a guest appearance on the song "Good Times" from the album Tommyland: The Ride.

  9. I heard Navarro has abandoned Spread!
    This is simply not true. Navarro has released the music under his own name instead of Spread as there is already another band by that name, but has kept Spread Entertainment, Inc. His solo endeavors have since usually had some attachment to the name Spread, such as Spread Radio which is a podcast that Navarro broadcasts from his home.

  10. Did Navarro ever record a track with Jet? You used to list it on your site.
    In the discography, I did list that Navarro guest appeared on the song "Giovanni" by Jet, from their album Framed Under Ice. I was told this years ago by a site visitor. I was under the impression that Jet was more of an underground, local, indie type of artist from the Washington, D.C. area. I have a vague feeling that it was a woman, but don't quote me on that. I asked the person who informed me of this guest appearance to get me a copy of this album so I would know for sure if it was true. While I waited, I put the information on the site. I never received the album and have never heard anything about this again, though I have searched extensively. Therefore, this guest appearance falls under the 'rumors' category.

About the Author

  1. You seem to know a lot about Navarro. How much of this is true? Do you know him personally or what?
    The information contained within is a collection of resources that were available to the author with minimal work involved. Much of the content was digested through common mass media outlets, such as television, radio, and print. The author has simply reworded and repackaged. Whether or not this information is true is a question that can be asked of each individual involved in relaying this information.

  2. Does the author know how to contact Navarro? Email or other address?
    The author does not possess such information. The editor suggests going about the "usual route" of joining and writing to fan clubs and the like. (A good start would be, Navarro's own website.)

  3. How ever did the author find the time to compile such a work?
    Ancient Spaztec secret.

  4. Why do you use a picture of Anthony for your section images?
    That isn't Anthony Kiedis, that is Dave Navarro. He didn't always have facial hair, you know.

  5. What happened to the House version of the site?
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  6. Why the domain name It's too damn long to type!
    Navarro would often say the phrases "so to speak" and "if you will", sometimes even both together. When it came time for the site to have it's own domain name, inspiration struck after a friend gifted a lovely t-shirt with our favorite quote.

  7. Are there any easter eggs (hidden items) on this web site?
    Yes, er at least there used to be. I think all of them may have been taken down but I will try to dig up some more eggs to sprinkle around the site.

  8. Will you tell me what they are? Where they are? What/where do I click?
    No--finding them is half the fun.

  9. Just a quick question: Why Navarro?
    Quick answer: Why not?
    Longer answer: The author has enjoyed the work of Navarro for some time and decided to compile the little knowledge she knew of the man for public access. Other fans then began to add to this compilation. Now it is kept up-to-date as sort of an archive and in hopes of answering a few questions one might have concerning Navarro.

  10. Where can I buy your book Dave Navarro For Dummies?
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  11. Can we expect any more books from the author?
    Yes, the author is currently working on a book that documents the fine traditional art of making cheese from the milk of a Chihuahua, as well as how to properly breed and care for your dairy dog.