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The interviews are organized according to the source publication, followed by the date of issue (if known) and a mention of the main topics covered in that article.


November 1997 - death, relapse, Spread

Alternative Press

April 1998 - relapse and Spread

American Recordings

Deconstruction interview - project origin and songwriting


November 21, 1997 - Jane's Relapse playing on Saturday Night Live
April 9, 1999 - Spread


May 1, 1996 - Red Hot Chili Peppers and writing for Bikini


June/July 1994 - Dave about to leave to spend time in Hawaii with the Peppers
#15, 1997 - reviewing a mountain bike with Johnny
April 1997 - reviewing a vehicle with Silverchair
#26, November 1997 - interviewing Salma Hayek
#?, Movies and Crap - Oscar Wrap-Up: Sense and Sensibility, Dead Man Walking, The Postman (Il Postino), Apollo 13, Braveheart, Babe
#?, Movies and Crap - Twister, Mission Impossible, I Shot Andy Warhol, The Craft, Flipper, Primal Fear, The Rock
#?, Movies and Crap - The Ghost and the Darkness, Romeo & Juliet, Palookaville, Trees Lounge, Jingle All the Way, Ransom, Nick of Time
#?, Movies and Crap - The Devil's Own, Donnie Braso, Liar, Liar!, The Saint, Star Wars vs. The Empire Strikes Back, Crash
#?, Movies and Crap - The Bikinis (instead of The Oscars)
#?, Movies and Crap - The Arrival, Independence Day, Eraser, The Frighteners, The Cable Guy
May 1996, Movies and Crap - Heat, Twelve Monkeys, The Late Show with David Letterman, Nixon, Casino, Dunston Checks In, The Pros & Cons of Breathing
April 1997, Movies and Crap - The People vs. Larry Flynt, Scream, Lost Highway, Mars Attacks!, The Mirror Has Two Faces, Rene-Russo-spective
#26, Movies and Crap - Men In Black, Contact, My Best Friend's Wedding, Contempt, Titanic, Hercules
#27, Movies and Crap - Mimic, Air Bud, Air Force One, G.I. Jane, Money Talks, Conspiracy Theory, George of the Jungle, Cop Land
#28, Movies and Crap - Seven Years In Tibet, The Edge, Event Horizon, L.A. Confidential, In & Out
#29, Movies and Crap - Peacemaker, The Devil's Advocate, The Game, Alien: The Resurrection, Kiss the Girls, Boogie Nights

The Boston Phoenix

September 24-30, 2004 - Don't Try This At Home, 'Til Death Do Us Part


Fall 2005 - guitar effect pedals


July 1995 - on being a new member of the Peppers
November 1997 - Jane's Addiction history


Justice Howard on photographing Dave - in her own words for this web site

Dot News Magazine

May 2006 - same-sex experimentation and involvement with HIV/AIDS community

Electric Ink

1996 - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Fat Ankle

possibly #4 - we ask rockstars ten really dumb questions and get ten even dumber answers


December 2004 - on being married to Carmen Electra


#3, Summer 1996 - summary of Dave's career


January 19, 1998 - Spread
June 1998 - Spread


April 1998 - talk of Spread and addressing rumors

Guitar One

April 1998 - Spread and guitar talk

Guitar Player

March 1991 - Dave and Eric talk about writing and playing
September 1994 - Deconstruction
April 1995 - recording One Hot Minute
August 1996 - musical background

Guitar World

September 1991 - alternative rock party line with Dave, Trent Reznor, Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers)
February 1994 - interview conducted one month after joining the Peppers
March 1996 - getting funkified by the Peppers, Jane's Addiction history, Rhimorse, other projects
November 1997 - Jane's Relapse, growing as a musician, Jane's timeline

Hard n Heavy video series

v.12 (Summer 1990) - drugs


1995 - One Hot Minute


May 1, 1996 - conducted during the Peppers tour of Australia


September 1998 - Spread

Long Beach AIDS Walk Program

June 24, 2006 - what HIV/AIDS means to Dave and the PSAs he works with

Marshall Law

Issue 1, June 1996 - amps and playing with the Peppers

Metal Edge

May 1996 - touring and addressing the 'sex symbol thing'


September 1996 - guitar equipment


August 26, 1996 - drugs and recovery


July 1, 2001 - fashion and health

Playboy - 12-Question Celebrity Sexamination

Press Releases

December 13, 1996 - regarding when Dave and Silverchair were arrested
April 3, 1998 - announcing that Dave is no longer a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers


March 7-20, 1989 - short but insightful Q&A session

Rolling Stone

October 19, 1995 - RHCP history and Dave coming into the fold
March 19, 1998 - writing for Bikini, Spread, Manson rumor, DNIG present

San Diego Union-Tribune

April 11, 1996 - becoming a Pepper


Summer 1996 - RHCP writing songs and smoking cigars


June 1991 - trying to be clean during the Ritual European tour

Sunday Age

May 5, 1996 - interviewer knocking down everything about Dave and the Peppers

The University Reporter

January 1996 - on Dave's career to date


November 1997 - he's not Mr. Depressing Guy