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10 Rounds with Navarro
compiled by Dominique
Fat Ankle [possibly #4]

(We've got a segment where we ask rockstars ten really dumb questions and get ten even dumber answers.)

1. What embarrassing fashion trend would you like to see resurrected?
Dolphin Shorts for women.

2. What do you eat/drink when you go to the movies?
My date.

3. If Billy Pumpkin, Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love were all drowning. Who would you save first?
Billy... That way, he could demonstrate how to save all the others...Then, explain how he infuenced the way I saved him.

4. Do you dye your hair at a salon, or do you dye at home?
What do you mean, do "I" dye it?

5. If a Japanese businessman offered to buy your skin (after you'd finished with it of course) how much would it cost them?
Courtney Cox.

6. What's the worst fashion "no no" you can think of?
"Q & A's"

7. When the loony gets on the bus and sits next to you, what do you do?
Bus? What's that?

8. Do you clip your toenails, or chew them?
Neither, I let little squirrels come and enjoy a sumptuous repast, very early in the mornings. (About once, every other week.)

9. What smell do you hate the most?
You know what it is.

10. What's your idea of a great night out? Goat cheese pizza with the Spice Girls, moshing at a Celine Dion concert or crashing a trekkie convention wearing nothing but green rubber?
Ignoring the smell I hate the most.