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Dave Navarro's Passion to Fight Back
by Gil Kaan
Long Beach AIDS Walk Program - June 24, 2006

What's rock 'n' roller Dave Navarro doing plastered on an ALDO billboard with his mouth duct-taped shut? And why is he posing with his wife Carmen Electra for Until There's a Cure ads? This interview will show you that one doesn't have to be gay or afflicted with HIV to be passionate about the fight for the cure.

AIDS Walk Long Beach: Tell me how you got involved with ALDO (

Dave Navarro: They reached out to me. I'd been involved in other organizations that help fight AIDS and educate. It just seemed an appropriate and natural outlet to be involved with. Certainly when there's something as important as AIDS education, I'm pretty much there. I jump at it. With 100 percent of net proceeds benefiting YouthAIDS, each empowerment tag ALDO sells for $5 helps to educate and protect a young person from HIV/AIDS for six months.

AIDS Walk Long Beach: What other PSAs and charitable organizations do you lend your name and efforts for?

Dave Navarro: Until There's a Cure ( and Elizabeth Glaser's Pediatric AIDS Foundation ( I actually appeared on Celebrity Poker Showdown where my prize money went to Elizabeth Glaser's. It's something that's been very important to me for quite some time.

AIDS Walk Long Beach: Have you personally known anyone in the music industry that's been touched by HIV or AIDS?

Dave Navarro: Not personally. I've had friends and people in my life that have been, but in the music industry, not so much. But as you know, this disease touches all people--it's not industry specific. Frankly, to be honest with you, I think of myself as a survivor. There was a time in my life where I was sexually active and I wasn't safe about it. I used intravenous drugs. I was a high-risk candidate and somehow, by the grace of God, I had been spared. And I know a lot of people that haven't been. There are a lot of things I didn't know growing up that I know now. Anything I can do to help raise that awareness to the younger generation, I'm happy to do.

AIDS Walk Long Beach: As an expert on rock 'n' roll sex, what safe sex advice would you give your fans?

Dave Navarro: Absolutely, 100 percent, without a doubt, unless you're in a monogamous relationship, USE a condom. It's just that simple. They do say that abstinence is always the safest bet but I don't know anybody that's going to do that.