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Navarro's Departure from Pepperdom Press Release
Press Release - April 3, 1998

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and guitarist Dave Navarro have decided to part ways.

Formerly a member of Jane's Addiction, Navarro joined the group in 1995 to record the album One Hot Minute.  Navarro is currently at work on a new project, "Spread," with Chili Pepper drummer Chad Smith, to be released this summer. Founding members Anthony Kiedis and Flea are currently writing material for a new Red Hot Chili Peppers album.

"This is a completely mutual parting based on creative differences. We had fun, and I love the guy," said Kiedis.  "We just felt the time was right to pursue other interests," added Flea. "I was honored to play with Dave for the time that I did. He is an epic and a beautiful musician and human being, and I'm sure that we will do something again in the future."

Navarro commented: "The only way I can describe this amicable parting of ways is as follows: When I was 17 the time had come for me to leave the comfort and safety of the nest...thus turning to a new chapter in my life. As sad as this experience was for me, I found it to be equally as exciting."

"I knew then that in my absence the love my father had for me would be no different than my love for him. The only difference that I can see in this case is that my father would never have suggested the light bulb costumes. On a serious note, I will miss the band very much. I know in my heart that the friendships we've established will remain forever eternal."