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Dave as a child
  • June 7, James Raul "Mike" Navarro and Constance Colleen Hopkins bare a son and name him David Michael Navarro


  • Fall, Dave enrolls in elementary school (it is some time during his elementary school years that he first meets Eric Avery, elementary years being around 1972-1979)


  • Dave begins piano lessons which last for 2-3 years
  • Mike and Connie divorce; Dave lives with Connie


  • around this time Mike buys Dave an acoustic guitar at a yard/garage/rummage sale
  • Dave hears Jimi Hendrix at a skateboard park and becomes serious about guitar playing


  • around this time Dave and his friends play classic rock cover songs; they call themselves South Dakota Railroad
  • around this time Dave begins to date Rebecca, sister to Eric Avery


  • Fall, Dave enrolls in Notre Dame High School
  • Dave joins the marching band (it is at school that he befriends Stephen Perkins)
  • later Dave introduces Rebecca to Stephen and they begin to date


  • March, Connie Navarro is killed by an ex-boyfriend; Dave moves in with Mike
  • around this time Dave and Stephen play in local clubs for money with friends in a band called Dizastre


  • Dave is expelled out of the private high school he attends (due to bad grades, long hair, and drug use)
  • Dave enrolls in public school for the first time


  • Dave quits school and does not graduate high school
  • [Perry Farrell's band Psi Com looses members and recruits Eric Avery; changes name to Jane's Addiction]


Jane's Addiction
  • Dave and Stephen see Jane's Addiction perform live
  • [Stephen joins Jane's Addiction]
  • March, Dave becomes the guitarist of Jane's Addiction
  • March 21, Dave and Stephen play their first gig with Jane's Addiction
  • Jane's Addiction signs with Triple X Records


  • January 26, Jane's Addiction record their gig at the Roxy
  • Jane's Addiction's self-titled first album is released (live at the Roxy
  • Jane's Addiction signs with Warner Bros. Records
  • Jane's go into the studio and break up for a short time
  • Jane's Addiction open up for Love and Rockets during their Earth Sun Moon tour


Nothing's Shocking
  • Jane's Addiction release their first major label album, Nothing's Shocking and tour (contains guest appearances by Fishbone members Angelo Moore and Chris Dowd; Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers; mainstream hit "Jane Says")


  • the touring continues
  • Soul Kiss, the fan's video is released
  • the next album's recording begins but was scrapped


  • the next album's recording is begun anew
  • Jane's Addiction release the album Ritual de lo Habitual (contains the mainstream hit "Been Caught Stealing")
  • Dave is a guest artist on two tracks on (his cousin's group) Lowen and Navarro's album Walking On a Wire


  • Summer, Jane's Addiction headline the first Lollapalooza traveling music festival tour
  • September 27, Jane's Addiction play their last show in Hawaii and the band calls it quits
  • Dave tries to put his life together and goes to rehab to get healthy


  • Dave gets clean and becomes obsessed with diet (vegan) and exercise, to look good, not for health though staying off drugs is also a major factor
  • Dave joins the band Deconstruction with Eric Avery
  • Deconstruction gain Michael Murphy on drums
  • Dave denies membership to several bands including Guns 'N' Roses and the Red Hot Chili Peppers


  • the Deconstruction album is completed
  • Dave is a guest artist on two tracks on Sun 60's album Only
  • Dave guests on a track on (his cousin's group) Lowen and Navarro's album Broken Moon
  • September 5, Dave becomes the guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers


  • the Deconstruction album is released on American Recordings
  • Dave makes an acting appearance in the film Floundering, playing the role of "Drug Kid"
  • things don't gel during rehearsals so the Peppers go to Kona, Hawaii for one month of bonding and songwriting
  • August 10, the Peppers play Club Lingerie in Los Angeles in order to warm up for the upcoming summer festivals they are to play at and to break Dave in
  • August 14, the Peppers play the 25th Anniversary of Woodstock (New York)
  • August 26, the Peppers play the Reading Festival in England
  • October, Dave gets married in Vegas
  • Dave divorces


  • Dave records and self-presses an EP entitled Rhimorse which is never released
  • Dave buys a baby grand piano and renews his interest with classical lessons
  • more troubles with the Peppers during recording sessions at several studios
  • during Pepper downtime, Dave and Chad film short movies
  • Dave and his cousin Johnny have a movie review column in Bikini Magazine
  • the case of Connie's death is aired on the television show America's Most Wanted, leading to the perpetrator's capture, trial and conviction
  • Dave guests with 4 Non Blondes and cover "Misty Mountain Hop" for the Led Zeppelin tribute album, Encomium
  • Dave and Flea guest on Alanis Morisette's smash single "You Oughta Know"
  • Dave and Stephen Perkins guest on Flea's song on the Basketball Diaries soundtrack
  • Dave and Flea guest with Michael Stipe and Tori Amos on the track "It Might Hurt A Bit" for the Don Juan de Marco soundtrack which gets scrapped for Bryan Adams' smash hit; then the song gets scrapped from the Empire Records soundtrack
  • Dave guests on a track on Nine Inch Nails' remix album Further Down the Spiral
  • Dave and Chad Smith perform as Honeymoon Stitch with Michael Angelos (Plexi) on the Joy Division tribute album, A Means to an End
  • Dave and Chad compose the soundtrack for Ugly Meets the People, a short film by their friend Robert Sobul and starring Michael Angelos
  • Dave and Chad as Honeymoon Stitch remix Traci Lords' song "Fallen Angel"
  • Dave remixes (with Flea and Chad recording parts) Janet Jackson's cover of "What I'll Do"
  • September, the Red Hot Chili Peppers release the album One Hot Minute and tour the world
  • October, Chad breaks his wrist and the touring for One Hot Minute is put on hold


Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • February, the touring for One Hot Minute continues
  • June 16, the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at the Tibetan Freedom Festival in San Francisco, California
  • July 7, the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at the Werchter Festival (Belgium)
  • Brain Taco, a side project Dave was involved with, evolves into Ruined Eye and contribute a track on the Germs tribute album, A Small Circle of Friends
  • Dave appears in the music video "Headshot" by Lifter
  • Dave guests on several tracks on Donovan's Sutras album
  • Dave remixes "Alright" for Jamiroquai but the single is pulled
  • Dave and Flea guest on Porno For Pyros tracks, one on the album Good God's Urge and the other on Howard Stern's Private Parts soundtrack
  • Dave, Flea, and Chad Smith record a track with L.L. Cool J for Howard Stern's Private Parts soundtrack


Jane's Relapse
  • sometime during the year, Dave relapses after 5 years of being clean and neglects to maintain his healthy diet/exercise rituals
  • Dave and Chad form a side project called Swallow then rename it Spread
  • February 27, Dave and Flea join Porno For Pyros at premiere of Howard Stern's Private Parts in New York to play "Hard Charger" and "Mountain Song"
  • February 28, Dave joins Porno For Pyros on stage at the Roseland in New York to play songs, including "I Would For You"
  • March 7, Dave joins Porno For Pyros on stage at the Dragonfly in Los Angeles to play Jane's Addiction songs
  • July 4, Dave joined Porno For Pyros at a benefit show at the Opium Den in Los Angeles to play Jane's Addiction songs (acoustic set)
  • July 14, Jane's Addiction announces a reunion which they call a "relapse" since Flea will be replacing Eric on bass
  • July 26, the Peppers play at the Fuji Rock Festival, which is Dave's last with them
  • Spread writes most of their songs in a few weeks and records the first version of the album in one month
  • the first studio version of Spread is submitted to Warner Bros. and Dave was told that the album needed further work, Dave agrees and spends the next few years perfecting the songs
  • Jane's Addiction release a collection of rarities called Kettle Whistle
  • October 18, Jane's Relapse play their first show at the Roxy in Los Angeles
  • the Jane's Relapse engage on the "It'z My Party" tour for about 6 weeks


  • Dave and Jimmy Boyle collaborate together as Molecule
  • Dave and Chad re-record the Spread album
  • April 3, it is announced that Dave has left the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • shortly thereafter, Chad leaves Spread
  • as Spread will now be Dave's solo debut, he becomes obsessed that the music must be perfect and constantly rearranges and rerecords songs
  • Dave leaves Warner Bros. Records and signs to Sony Music Entertainment under the Work label
  • Dave guests on a track on Marilyn Manson's album Mechanical Animals
  • June 7, Dave obtains a photo booth for his birthday and documents 1 year of life at his home--everyone who enters his home must have their photo taken in the booth (Dave writes about the year and includes the photos in a book project which was to be released alongside the Spread album
  • Dave edits music videos of the Spread songs on his own, using footage he had previously made with Chad a few years back as well as recording new footage
  • June 8, Dave establishes and is heavily active online with his website 6767.com, posting audio/video files, articles, rants, and conversing with fans
  • the Spread project undergoes several studio recordings in Los Angeles and New York


Dave solo
  • Dave was a guest on the Guns 'N' Roses track, "Oh My God", for the End of Days soundtrack
  • Dave contributes piano to the song "Lola" for Leif Garrett's band, Godspeed
  • end of the year, Dave re-surfaces with radio and television appearances
  • Dave has a small role as "Spitz" on t.v.'s Martial Law on the episode "Friendly Skies"
  • August/September, Dave plays a couple gigs with his then girlfriend's band, Nancy Raygun
  • November 4, Dave performed one/two songs with Peter DiStefano's Ghettoblaster (with Stephen Perkins) at the second annual Sunset Music Festival (Los Angeles)
  • December 4, Jane's Relapse had a mini reunion when Dave and Flea joined Stephen to perform a few songs (instrumental) for Drum Day LA at the House of Blues in Los Angeles


  • Dave seemingly hibernates
  • Sony Music Entertainment lays off workers and kills the Work label


Dave solo
  • Dave's manager becomes the head of Capitol records and takes Dave with him to the label
  • April 26, Jane's Addiction relapses again with a Santa Barbara Bowl warmup show (with ex-Porno For Pyros bassist Martyn Le Noble)
  • April 28, Jane's headlines the Coachella festival in Indio, California
  • Dave makes a guest appearance on Perry's album Song Yet to Be Sung
  • May 18, Dave's single "Rexall" was released
  • June, Dave made his solo performance television debut
  • June 19, Dave's album Trust No One was released
  • Dave's photo booth book has a publisher but is put on indefinite hold
  • July 31, Dave guest performed with P. Diddy on television for his song "Bad Boy 4 Life"
  • August 30, Dave makes his solo performance live debut in Boston, Massachusetts (and continued with a brief tour on the East Coast in order to work out the kinks for shows in his home state)
  • August 31: Lupo's in Providence, Rhode Island
  • September 1: 9:30 Club in Washington, DC
  • September 3: Radio 104 Fest at Meadows Music in Hartford, Connecticut
  • September 4: Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • September 7: The Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio
  • September 8: Guinness Oyster Festival in Chicago, Illinois
  • September 9: First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • September 11: gig cancelled due to terrorist attacks
  • September 12: The Patio in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • September 13: M in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • September 15: 106.5 End of Summer Weenie Roast at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • September 21: 99X Bigger Day Out at the HiFi Buys Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia
  • September, Dave's second single "Hungry" was released
  • December, 2-3 gigs had to be cancelled due to Dave's unhealthy state--shows on the West Coast were never even booked


Dave with Michael Jackson
  • drugs behind him, Dave once again becomes obsessed with rituals to stay healthy, such as frequent trips to the gym
  • Dave is a guest artist on a song by David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets)
  • Dave made a cameo appearance in Moby's video for "We Are All Made of Stars"
  • Dave joins Camp Freddy, a cover band formed by Billy Morrison
  • April 24, Dave performs with Michael Jackson at the Apollo Theatre, New York City (Democratic National Committee)
  • May 24, Camp Freddy perform at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, guests include Marilyn Manson and Twiggy
  • June 14, Camp Freddy perform at Moomba in Los Angeles, guests include Slash, Robbie Williams, Moby
  • July 18, Jane's Addiction Jubilee incarnation resurfaces with a summer jaunt that hits the major festivals in the USA, Korea, Japan, Belgium, England, Scotland, and Mexico
  • September 7, performs with the Hendrix tribute band at the San Diego Street Scene
  • Dave is a guest artist on Mariah Carey's cover of "Bringin' On the Heartbreak"; he subsequently appears in the music video


  • Dave makes an acting appearance in the film Uptown Girls, playing the role of "rock star"
  • Dave is a guest artist on Michelle Branch's album Hotel Paper
  • Dave is a guest artist on Christina Aguilera's album Stripped
  • Dave appears in frequent Camp Freddy guest singer Johnny Flayva's "Iraqi Freedom" video
  • [Martyn is fired and the band hires Chris Chaney to take over bass duties]
  • Jane's Addiction release Strays, their long awaited studio album
  • Perry and Jane's revive Lollapalooza and tour with several Lollapalooza alumni as part of the lineup
  • Jane's Addiction tour Europe
  • November, Dave marries Carmen Electra


The Panic Channel
  • a reality show on Dave's wedding preparations and ceremony, Till Death Do Us Part, airs on MTV
  • Dave is a guest artist on Dead Celebrity Status's album Blood Music
  • April 20, Camp Freddy begin a radio program called "Camp Freddy Radio" where they DJ weekly on Indie 103.1FM in Los Angeles (also airs on the net)
  • the reformed officially announces Jane's Addiction their break up
  • May, The Panic Channel is born--members of Strays Jane's Addiction minus Perry plus Steve Isaacs (they jam at first and decide on a name later)
  • June 24, Dave guest performs with Jay-Z on the song "99 Problems" at the BET Music Awards
  • Dave revives his website 6767.com as a blog
  • late July, after much debate on a name for the band the guys settle on "The Panic Channel"
  • September 21, The Panic Channel make their live debut at a free secret gig at The Dragonfly in Los Angeles using the moniker "The Drapes"
  • October 5, Dave's photo booth book Don't Try This at Home was finally released
  • October 11, The Panic Channel begin their first studio recording session for an album, despite not being signed to a record label
  • November 16, The Panic Channel performs their second show, again at The Dragonfly in Los Angeles
  • December 1, The Panic Channel performs their third show with Doheny (featuring Billy Morrison) and The Tints (Flea's daughter is a member) for Indie 103.1FM at the Key Club in Los Angeles and call this their official debut
  • December 8, Dave guest performs with Usher on the song "Bad Girl" at the Billboard Music Awards


signature guitar
  • Release of Dave Navarro signature model PRS (jet white) guitar
  • Release of Dave Navarro signature model Yamaha acoustic guitar
  • February 3, The Panic Channel play a showcase for record label companies (officially begin to seek a record contract
  • March 14, The Panic Channel play another showcase for record labels
  • February 7, The Panic Channel embark on the second recording session for the debut album with a planned release in the fall, despite still not being signed to a record label
  • Dave reunites with Chad Smith when he makes a guest appearance on Glenn Hughes's album Soul Mover; he also appears in the video for the song of the same name
  • The Panic Channel signs with Capitol Records
  • Summer, Dave co-hosts Rockstar: INXS with Brook Burke, a reality show/contest to be the new vocalist for INXS
  • Dave makes a guest appearance on Tommy Lee's album Tommyland: The Ride
  • Fall, The Panic Channel continue to record their debut album, intending a release sometime in early 2006


  • Dave becomes active with his online radio station "Spread Radio Live"
  • Summer, Dave and Carmen Electra divorce
  • Summer, Dave co-hosts Rock Star: Supernova with Brook Burke, a reality show/contest to be the new vocalist for Supernova which consists of Gilby Clarke, Jason Newsted, and Tommy Lee (who later changed their name to be the same as the show)
  • August 15, The Panic Channel's debut album (ONe) is released
  • Fall, The Panic Channel joins Rock Star: Supernova on tour
  • Dave makes a guest appearance on Storm Large's single "Ladylike" which is also on the Ladylike Side One album released in 2007


  • Dave declares the music industry to be dead and shifts his focus to hosting his own weekly online talk show "Spread Entertainment"
  • Dave joins up with DJ Skribble for live mash-ups
  • Throughout the year, Dave also regularly hosts parties and even appeared as a judge for Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico D.F.
  • Dave directs his first film entitled Broken for the porn industry


  • Dave builds a studio at home for Spread Entertainment and announces he will begin creating music, possibly another solo album